Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Today's assignment was to explore mandolin art. I chose spirituality as my topic. What you see in these 2 pictures represent my take of Jesus's opinion on today's world.

Ripping his chest open he is reminding us of the sacrifice he had done for us and the 1st circle of the mandolin represents the earth that he gave us; the 2nd circle shows us the complexities of the the modern world and how we are caught up in it. If u notice carefully, there are gaps or ways by which you can escape from it. The 3rd circle is for the things we take for granted now a days such as the flora and fauna, the sky and the sun and even love. Its been pushed to the last sphere now.

I am very aware that the man in the picture looks nothing like Jesus Christ but this is just my modern representation of him. Being uncomfortable with paint, I have used only Gel pens and a few occasional sketch pens to finish the work. I have done 2.. one mandolin circles in colour and the other in black and white. Hope you liked it.

To be a successful creative artist one has to lose themselves I'm told.... but then again to lose yourself you must know where exaclty you stand. I for one have always been downright scared of letting myself go creatively as I believe or rather used to believe that letting out your creative control leaves you in the territory of the insane... and there is no such thing as controlled madness... so needless to say all my assignments have always been done with a thought out plan that are always very literal in its approach.

When I got the brief for the 'say no to plastics' advertising campaign I broke out of my usual mould and thought to go a little surrealistic... do something that i personally would like rather than to address the issue seriously like I always do. So i thought I would do some word play and eventually came with " plastic bags are NO MATCH for reuseable bags" with a victorious reusable bag in a boxer's form standing over a beaten up plastic bag boxer. Its from further development of this very idea that resulted in the now submitted version of 'KNOCKOUT PLASTIC'. Gave a small body copy and chose adidas as the sponsor because of the general theme. Hope you guys liked it.